Pretty Perfect Cheese

ASSIGNMENT In the American South, competition is fierce among purveyors of pimiento cheese. But according to our client, her unique blend stood out. And she’s right. Developed in her home kitchen and served to friends and family for years, she had named her recipe Pretty Perfect Pimiento Cheese and watched it sell itself once people tasted it. Problem was, she needed word of mouth to sell even more. New flavors were also being introduced, and they didn’t contain pimiento, so she was concerned about brand confusion among her small but loyal fan base. It was the perfect time to inject some brand personality through social media, POP, and other tactics. APPROACH Our first advice? Stop calling it pimiento cheese. Her recipe—and her story—was bigger than that. So we changed her name to Pretty Perfect, updated her logo and overall design for consistency across all product lines, and supplied her with advertising and other marketing materials that gave her brand just as much flavor as her cheese. Simplicity of design and a confident tone of voice would also be key in highlighting the addictive nature of her recipe and helping her stand out on store shelves.

Newly redesigned labels for all four product lines
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